Find Out How I Added $1.1 MILLION ARR To My Agency In 2022

(And as of 3/9 trending to add $2.1M MORE in 2023)

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I cover the 9 proven steps you can do to create multiple lead-generating systems that will fill your calendar with sales appointments, including:

  • How To Find Massive Amounts Of Qualified Prospects

  • How To Create Outbound Emails So Good They Can't Be SPAM

  • How To Run Facebook Ads They Won't Ignore

  • The Right Sales Roles To Hire To Rocket Your Growth

  • And So Much More.....

This is not "theory" but is exactly what I have done and continue to do today.

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    Who Am I And Why Would You Listen To Me?

    My name is Chris Sloane, and I've owned digital agencies since 2011 - starting with Heaviside Group, which has locations in Milwaukee and Cincinnati.

    I started Paving Marketers in 2020 and it has grown to be the #1 marketing agency for paving companies.

    I launched Garage Door Marketers in October 2022 using these 9 steps. We signed our first customer within 3 weeks and grew to $12K MRR before the end of the year - with no existing case studies or clients.

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